Mauser K89k

Mauser K89k

Technical data

Manufacturer Berlin-Luebecker Maschinenfabriken Werk LuebeckGermany Germany, 1939 (*)
Caliber 8mm Mauser (7.92 x 57 mm)
Action Bolt
Barrel length23", 58.4 cm
Total length 43 1/2", 110.5 cm
Capacity 5 rounds internal magazine
Reloading 5 rounds stripper clips
Weight 8.5 pounds. 3.85 Kg
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(*) The rifle I have access to. Other manufacturers produced this rifle.

Bolt operation

The Mauser bolt is very easy to operate. The striker is cocked on opening the bolt.

When the internal magazine is empty, the bolt will not move forward until new rounds are added or the magazine follower is pushed down.

Mauser bolt handle


The Mauser has a 3 positions safety switch:

  1. Left position: fire.
  2. Upward position: safe, can open bolt.
  3. Right position: safe, cannot open bolt (locked closed).
Mauser safety positions

Note that the safety switch cannot be operated if the rifle is not cocked.

Sight picture

Mauser sight picture

Rear sight

The rear sight is a V-notch ladder, with graduations from 100 to a very optimistic 2000 meters in increments of 100 m.

Mauser rear sight

Front sight

The front sight is a hooded post. It can be moved for windage corrections.

Mauser front sight