To calculate the ballistics data, the following conditions were used for all cartridges:

  • Elevation angle: 0 degrees
  • Wind direction: 3 o'clock
  • Wind speed: 10 MPH
  • Altitude 1785 feet, Standard Atmospheric Model
  • Temperature: 57 F

Bullet data

CountryNamneCaliberWeightSpeed at muzzleBC
U.S.A. .30-06 .308150 gr.2700 fps0.335
U.K. .303R British.311174 gr.2440 fps0.369
U.S.S.R.7.62 x 54R .311148 gr.2738 fps0.36
Germany 7.92 x 57 .323154 gr.2880 fps0.29

Note: all the data was obtained from the manufacturer of the bullets I used. With one exception. The BC values are from The History Of Sniping And Sharpshooting by John Plaster.


Complete calculated data

CountryNameRemains supersonic up to this distance (yards)
U.S.A. .30-06 837
U.K. .303R British807
U.S.S.R.7.62 x 54R 916
Germany 7.92 x 57 785


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Bullet path

Bullet path small graph

Wind drift (at 10 MPH)

Wind drift small graph


Velocity small graph


Energy small graph