Sako TRG-22

The rifle

Sako TRG-22 rifle

My first rifle was a Remington 700. The Remington is a nice rifle but once I tried a TRG-22, I had to get one!

I added the following Sako accessories:

  • Sako bipod: I will admit that it is too expensive!
  • Muzzle break: not really required since the .308 does not have that much recoil, but it does complete the look.

Look at the following two videos. Focus on the end of the barrel, you will see the ball of exploding gases. The second video shows that same ball of fire inside the muzzle break.

Video without the muzzle break:

Video with the muzzle break:


Standard features

  • Threaded barrel end: with protective cap. The muzzle break screws on the barrel after removing the cap.
  • Forehand rail.
    TRG-22 forehand rail
  • Side accessory rail.
    TRG-22 side rail
  • Load indicator on the bolt. Notice the small protruding red button on the back fo the bolt.
    TRG-22 load indicator
  • Silent safety catch which locks the trigger, the bolt in closed position and the firing pin.
  • Plugs on the rear of the magazine for easy removal.
  • Ambidextrous stock.
  • Modular design which allows every major assembly to be removed easily.
  • Rate of twist is 11".

Trigger adjustments

The main reason why I prefer that rifle is that it is very adjustable. Everything moves. The trigger can be adjusted for pull weight, length, angle, rotation and position.

TRG-22 trigger

Both stages of the trigger can be adjusted for pull weight. For the first stage, the trigger assembly must be removed to expose the screw. The second stage screw is forward of the trigger.

For length, horizontal and vertical pitch, a small hex screw at the tip of the trigger allows for adjustments. That explains the whole in the trigger guard.

Stock adjustments

The stock is also very adjustable. The cheek rest can be adjusted for height, side position and pitch.

I adjusted the cheek rest height using a 10 mm. riser.

TRG-22 cheek rest

The butt can be adjusted for length (via spacers, I have 2), height, angle and pitch.

TRG-22 butt


The accuracy is superb. This group is at 200 yards.

TRG-22 group

Final thoughts

It is a great rifle but all this comes at a price. Some will find it too expensive. It is also quite heavy. Shooting any non-supported position is not easy, nor recommended.

Technical data

Manufacturer: Sako
Caliber: .308 (or 7.62x51)
Barrel length: 66 cm (26") without muzzle break
71 cm (28") with muzzle break
Total length: 122 cm (48")
Capacity: 10 rounds removable magazine
Trigger: 2 stages
Second stage: 1.5 Kg (3.5 pounds)
Weight: 5.8 Kg (13 pounds) - includes scope, mount, bipod and loaded magazine
Stock adjustments: Cheek rest height
Cheek rest position
Butt length
Butt angle
Butt height
Butt Pitch
Trigger adjustments: Pull (both stages)
Horizontal pitch
Vertical pitch