How to install a picatinny rail and folding grip


I purchassed the parts from There were no problems getting the parts shipped to Canada.

  • Tavor Picatinny Rail
  • Tactical Folding Grip

You will need

  • Allen wrench 1/8"
  • Blue Loctite
  • Drill
  • 5/32" drill bit


Perform a safety check.

Unscrew the two cocking handle guide screws (one on each side).

Showing location of guide screws

Pull the grip downwards. It rotates from the back.

Rotated forward grip

The rail holes do not match the holes already present in the grip. You have to drill new ones. I used a 5/32" bit.

Where to drill new holes

To Fab Defense's credit however, once the new holes have been drilled, they align perfectly with the square nuts that fit inside the grip grooves. Apply a thin coat of blue Loctite and tighthen the screws.

Note: be careful you do not strip the hex screws head!

Showing the square nuts inside the forward grip

With the majority of vertical grips, you want to slide them on the rail before you reinstall the Tavor grip. There is simply no space to do it once installed.

The Fab Defence grip can be openned completly to one side so it is not an issue with that model.

Showing the different parts of the vertical grip

To install the Tavor grip, make sure you first insert the back of the grip on the receiver. Then rotate up. Apply a thin coat of Loctite on the guide cocking handle screws and tighten them.

Installed vertical grip

Final result

Final result