Recoiling system assembly

After performing the disassembly (and possibly cleaning every part), you should have these parts ready for assembly.

Recoiling system parts

Insert the firing pin into the firing pin spring.

Then insert the firing pin and spring inside the bolt, ensuring that the the bolt grove points in one direction and the firing pin's flat end, points in the other direction.

Bolt closeup

Insert the bolt in the bolt carrier assembly.

Inserted bolt

The firing pin will protrude at the back of the bolt carrier assembly.

Firing pin closeup

And now the fun part! Inserting the bolt guide pin.

Four things must happen at the same time:

No 1. The firing pin must be pushed forward, rotated 180° and be properly placed in the bolt carrier sink.

The ridge inside the bolt carrier assembly will stop the firing pin from being pushed out of the bolt carrier by the spring.

When you rotate the firing pin, make sure that the ridge is between the too grooves at the back of it.

Bolt carrier firing pin groove

No 2. The bolt groove must point up. If the bolt is rotated, the bolt guide pin will not fit!

Bolt groove incorrect orientation

No 3. Then compress the bolt against the spring.

No 4. The bolt guide pin can now be inserted. The flat side points towards the back of the bolt carrier. Push it in completly.

Inserting the bolt guide pin

Insert the bolt carrier guide rod and attached buffer inside the bolt carrier assembly.

Compress the spring and insert the return spring guide in the buffer slot.

Guide rod about to be inserted in the buffer

And you are done.

Recoiling system