Recoiling system disassembly

Perform a preliminary disassembly and set the rifle aside.

Recoiling assembly

The buffer has a slot through which the spring guide sits.

Buffer closeup

Compress the spring until the guide can be removed from the buffer.

Guide out of the buffer

The bolt carrier guide rod and buffer can now be separated from the bolt carrier assembly as nothing holds them in place anymore.

Removed guide rod and buffer

Turn the recoiling system around and push on the bolt guide pin.

Location of the bolt guide pin

The bolt can now be pulled out of the bolt carrier assembly.

If you rotate the firing pin 180° it will come out with the bolt. Otherwise, it will remain in the bolt carrier assembly and you can take it out the back.

Removed bolt

This is far as you should disassemble the recoiling system as an operator.

Note for the firing pin spring: initially the models sold in Canada did not include this spring. The effect was that some users were experiencing slam fires. To remedy this situation, IWI shipped a spring to all current owners. All new Tavors include this spring.