EOTech - 2


Make sure you read the EOTech - 1 page on the refund program.

I tried a 557 Eotech on my Tavor.

EOTech 557 sight on a Tavor

The 557's reticule is composed of a 65 MOA circle and 4 aiming dots. These dots are calibrated for the ballistic drop of .223 caliber ammunition. The dots are for 0-300 meters, 400 meters, 500 meters and 600 meters.

EOTech 557 reticule

Controls on the left side control the reticule brightness.

  • The NV button: activate nigth vision compatibility mode (Gen I-III).
  • The down arrow: reduces the reticule brithness. If the sight is turned on by pressing this button, it will automatically shutdown after 4 hours.
  • The up arrow: increases the reticule brithness. If the sight is turned on by pressing this button, it will automatically shutdown after 8 hours.
  • Both the down and up arrow: turn off the sight.
Left side of an EOTech 557

Controls on the right side are used to move the reticule for zero. One click is ½" at 100 yards (½ MOA).

Right side of an EOTech 557

I also tried it with a 3X Eotech magnifier. This is the first generation model. It comes with a Flip-To-Side mount, built by Samson Manufacturing. I did not like this magnifier, nor the mount.

Tavor with an EOTech 557 and Gen.1 magnifier

The mount is complicated since it includes the elevation and windage adjustments.

Gen.1 EOTech magnifier mount closeup

I got rid of the first generation magnifier and got a G23.FTS 2nd Generation magnifier. It is a much better product.

Gen.2 EOTech magnifier on a Tavor

The mount has been completly redesigned and is rock solid. Adjustements are now internal to the optic.

Gen.2 EOTech magnifier mount

The only adjustment I will probably do in the future is to the mount thow lever. Since I am left handed, this lever points towards the 557 sight. This forces me to move the 557 forward one extra slot in the rail. It is not critical but rail space is limited on the Tavor.

Gen.2 EOTech magnifier mount lever

Final verdict:

  • + Built in elevation compensation.
  • + Magnification can be used or not.
  • + Not a mirror, nothing is seen from the front of the sight.
  • + There are no moving parts, only elevation and windage ajustment turrets.
  • + Unlimited eye relief (if magnifier flipped to side).
  • - First generation magnifier is a poor product. Get the second generation!
  • ~ Uses batteries.
  • - I am not a fan of the mounting screw on the EOTech. A thow lever like on the magnifier would have been better. Or a quick detach lever like on the Meprolight.