Lee Enfield No.4 MK2

Lee Enfield No.4 MK2

Technical data

Manufacturer LongBranch Arsenal, Canada (*)
Caliber .303
Action Bolt
Barrel length25 3/8", 59.4 cm
Total length 43 1/4", 109.9 cm
Capacity 10 rounds detachable magazine
Reloading 5 rounds stripper clips
Weight 8.5 pounds. 3.85 Kg
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(*) The rifle I have access to. Other manufacturers produced this rifle.

Bolt operation

The striker is cocked when the bolt is moved forward. The bolt can be closed even if the magazine is empty.

Lee Enfield bolt handle


The safety switch is on the safe position if it is rotated towards the rear (red arrow on the picture on the right). When engaged, the bolt is locked and cannot be operated.

Lee Enfield safety positions

Sight picture

Lee Enfield sight picture 1
Lee Enfield sight picture 2

Rear sight

The rear sight is a ladder, with graduations from 100 to 1300 meters.

Lee Enfield rear sight

Front sight

The front sight is a fixed post. It can be moved for windage corrections.

Lee Enfield front sight