M1 Garand

M1 Garand

"The greatest single battle implement ever devised by man." General George S. Patton.


I am proud to say that M. John Cantius Garand, designer of the M1, was born in St. Rémi, Québec, Canada, not far from where I live. Wikipedia page.

Technical data

Manufacturer Springfield Armory, USA (*)
Caliber .30-06 Springfield
Action Semi-Automatic. Gas-operated, rotating bolt.
Barrel length24", 61 cm
Total length 43 3/8", 110.2 cm
Capacity 8 rounds
Reloading 8 rounds clips
Weight 9.5 pounds, 4.3 Kg
Wikipedia page

(*) The rifle I have access to. Other manufacturers produced this rifle.


M1 action

When a round is fired (red arrow), gas is redirected through the gas port into the gas cylinder (blue arrow). This gas pushes on the operating rod, moving it backwards (green arrows). The operating rod rotates the bolt and pushes it back, ejecting the round. It also pushes the hammer down to rearm the trigger (yellow arrow).

The operating spring then pushes the operating rod forward. The bolt collects a new round from the clip, rotates to lock in the barrel chamber and is ready to fire again.

The bolt locks to the rear when there are no more rounds in the rifle.

M1 bolt

Note the absence of a clip, it is ejected when the last round is fired (with the distinctive "PING" sound).


Each clip holds 8 rounds.

M1 clip


The safety switch is on the safe position if it is pulled back (picture on the right). It cannot be set if the rifle is not cocked.

M1 safety

Sight picture

M1 sight picture

Rear sight

The M1 has an aperture rear sight, with click-adjustable elevation and windage knobs.

M1 rear sight

Front sight

Barleycorn-type. It can be moved lateraly for windage zero.

M1 front sight