With the money I got from EOTech Inc, I got a Vortex scope, model PST-14ST-M.

It is a 1-4 X 24 with what they call the TMCQ (MRAD) reticule.

Vortex scope on a Tavor

The mount is also from Vortex, and includes a 20 MOA tilt.

Vortex scope, closeup

The TMCQ (MRAD) reticule is illuminated, with lines for quick holdover and windage corrections.

TMCQ stands for Tactical Milling Close Quarter. I have found it very simple to use from very close range (CQB training) up to 200 yards. I have not tested it farther yet.

TMCQ (mrad) reticule

Each click on the turret moves the reticule 0.2 mrad.

The red line on the caps is great to indicate 0 position. It allows for a quick return to 0 after adjustments were done to the turrets.

Close up picture of scope turrets

The illumination turret has off positions between each setting. This illiminates the need to have to dial down each setting to turn if off. A great feature IMHO.

Close up picture of scope illumination turret

Final verdict:

  • + Great clarity.
  • + Easy to use with both eyes open at magnification 1.
  • + The turrets are perfect. Easy to turn with positive click, no slip serrations, large, indications easy to read.
  • + The mount is solid. It's height is perfect for use on the Tavor.
  • ~ Uses a battery.
  • ~ The included caps are not flip models.
  • - The zoom adjustment ring is quite difficult to turn. Vortex sells a throw lever that can be added to the scope.