Tavors throughout history

Having a bit of fun using Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program, a free alternative to PhotoShop) and history.

Ramsesses carried one on his chariot.

Ramses chariot with a Tavor

The Terracotta Army.

Terracotta Army Tavor

In Alesia, Vercingetorix had to give his to Julius Cesar.

Vercingetorix trowing his Tavor at Cesar's feet.

Genghis Khan soldiers used it to great effet.

Genghis Khan soldier with a Tavor

Templars used Tavors during the Crusades.

Templar with a Tavor

The Samurai appreciated the Tavor's short length.

A Samurai with a Tavor

Indians hunted buffalo with Tavors.

An Indian shooting a buffalo with a Tavor

Marshall Ney carried a Tavor during the retreat from Moscow in the Napoleonic wars.

Marshall Ney retreating from Moscow carrying a Tavor

Les Patriotes carried Tavors during the Lower Canada Rebellion.

A Patriote carrying a Tavor

Annie Oakley liked her Tavor touring with Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.

Picture of Annie Oakley with a Tavor

During WWI, some lucky Doughboys were issued Tavors.

Picture of a Doughboy with a Tavor

Also in WWII, pacific theater.

Fighting in the Pacific with a Tavor

The Americans supplied Tavors to South Korea before the war.

Showing Tavor in Korea

The grunts were proud to show their Tavors in Vietman.

Showing Tavor in Vietnam