My version of heaven, a nice shooting range!

About me...

I am a sniper enthusiast (i.e. I am not paid to be a professional sniper). The information I provide here is based on my own experience and reference material. I do not claim anything I have not experienced or used.

I served 3 years in the Canadian army - although not as a sniper. I was trained on the Canadian army infantry small arms ( Browning Hi-Power pistol, C6, C7, C9 ). I developed my passion for marksmanship and precision rifles later.

Paradoxily, I attended sniper schools courses as a civilian, after my service. But then it made the courses easier, army training is not exactly fun!

Some will call me a "wannabee", like it is an insult. Go right ahead, if I had the required physical and mental capacities (which I do not), I would be a sniper. I have seen the training and deployment conditions snipers endure, it is very hard indeed.

This site

This site concentrates on the calculations related to marksmanship. I decided to concentrate on this since I find it is one aspect of sniping that is not widely documented, and other subjects are already well covered elsewhere.